Maplewood Township, Office of Cultural Affairs

Maplewood Cultural Affairs organizes and facilitates performances and cultural activities throughout the Township of Maplewood, New Jersey. Working independently and in conjunction with local arts and civic groups such as the Strollers Community Theatre, Maplewood Arts Council, Rent Party Pantry, and the Springfield Avenue Partnership among others, Cultural Affairs strives to establish Maplewood as a cultural outpost and arts destination. We also operate the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts and the multi-purpose facility, The Woodland.  To learn more, please visit the official township website or follow Maplewood Cultural Affairs on Facebook.

Vic de Luca , Mayor - email

Melissa Mancuso, Director, Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs - email

Andrew Fishman, Manager, Office of Arts and Culture - email

Lisa Mainardi, Event Coordinator, Office of Arts and Culture - email

Maplewood Arts Council

The Maplewood Arts Council (MAC) is an advisory committee made up of 11 appointed members. Our mission to improve the quality of life in the Township of Maplewood by helping the arts to flourish. The members of MAC work to further the understanding of and involvement in arts and culture by the citizens of the township by firmly committing themselves to supporting artistic diversity, accessibility, public participation, the involvement of the business community, and fostering the healthy abundance of artistic energy in our community. To learn more about our council and get involved, please email us here.

Marcy Thompson helped launch the Maplewood Arts Council in 2011, and has been the chair since 2015. She is the co-founder of Studio B, a community-building, local, non-profit dedicated to the artists and audiences of Maplewood/South Orange.


Emily Zacharias is an accomplished actor and singer who also directs and teaches. She produces the Drama-Desk nominated Workshop Theater’s annual unGala event in NY.

Tricia Tunstall is a piano teacher and writer who's lived in Maplewood since 1991, served in numerous capacities including Cultural Affairs Director and Maplewood Arts Council Co-Chair.

Sarah Lester is the Director of the Maplewood Memorial Library.  Maplewood is a literary town, and she is proud to live and work in a community where over 84% of our residents have library cards.

Benny Campa has been leading teams in digital design since 2000, is the Lead of Digital Product Design at Warby Parker and the founder of the non-profit org Maplewood Artist Collective.

Susan Greeley has over 25 years experience in the entertainment business with a focus on short film and independent film distribution, acquisitions and programming. 

Bruno L. Lee,  also known as ‘The Trumpet Man,’ is an Alumnus of Hampton University, Hampton, VA and performs Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Reggae and other genres of music. 

Anthony J. Mazzocchi is the Associate Director and Professor of Trombone of the John J Cali School of Music at Montclair State University and Executive Director of the Kinhaven Music School.

Gregory M. Jones is an international renown freelance musician. He has a son at Columbia High School. He is delighted with Maplewood's diverse, and extremely high level artist community!

Leonardo Vazquez is the Executive Director of The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking in Union, NJ.  He's an award-winning planner in urban planning.


Nathalie Farfan is a multimedia storyteller who produces content for digital platforms and is also the founder/creative director of a sustainable clothing brand named botanika (

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